Recruitment Marketing - what should I be doing now?

23 Mar 2020   |   by Una McGuinness
If you have contracts with job boards and Linked In speak to your suppliers

You don't want to waste high cost/value job credits and other valuable services. Will they reduce/pause your contract over the next three months to help with cash flow? Can you adjust your contract, will they allow credits to roll over? How can they help you? They should value you as a customer and partner, and certainly won't want you to go out of business so if you haven't initiated the conversation, diarise it today.

 IT support, CRM, HR Tech - I would potentially have the same conversation.

 I would pause any paid outreach activities, display ads, PPC for the time being until you can re-prioritise where the business needs might be.

Could you consider webinars or podcasts to engage with audiences in your specialist markets? Can you partner with an industry figure? Right now, might not be the appropriate time; however, don't discard the idea straight away. "How we can support you in you find yourself out of work in XX sector" type of content activity will engage your audiences.

Communications to clients & candidates

Obviously you want your recruiters to be talking to as many clients as possible and being supportive, building stronger relationships. An email marketing campaign to your contacts, explaining your new ways of working and how you can support them in these challenging times. You are ideally sharing some positive news if you can. Can you offer outplacement support if they are making redundancies? Do you do contract - do your clients know you can support them with flexible options?

Candidates - now is the time to be genuinely supportive, I have seen Cv clinics, career counselling offers, on Linked In from Recruiters, which are excellent. With those clients that are recruiting what governance and guidance can you give candidates on making a move right now? Again, nothing replaces the human touch, but a series of email marketing comms so your candidates know you are there and can reach out to you when they need you is critical. Future pipelining is critical, as is updating codes on your CRM, so if a job does come in, you can reach these candidates swiftly.

Messaging & Content

 Messaging - it's a priority for you as a Recruitment leader to work on what should be your messaging internally and externally. Your staff will be looking to you to set the strategy for what activities and tactics are to be employed. Use marketing to messages internally and when appropriate externally via your social channels. If your company isn't familiar with remote working on mass, it will be worth reviewing how you re going to communicate with your teams. Potentially your intranet, Whatapp groups, Slack, Zoom, Skype for business, instant messaging etc.

Content - what type of content will your audiences find beneficial? Create a short content calendar for the current state of the market. With less productivity on the jobs, now may be an excellent time to engage with the teams on content production. For example; can everyone find one positive news story in their clients this week to make a niche content piece for your industry?

Your Brand - you have worked long and hard to develop this, so don't forget this. You still want your audience to engage with you; they will remember that supportive call, that timely piece of email comms, that positive message when their world is literally turning upside down. So keep at it.


And finally, there have been some positive stories, clients adapting to using video to complete the recruitment process and meetings happening in the virtual world so that people will adjust to the new norm. The most important thing is work on what you can control, use your peers and time to brainstorm creative ideas, messaging and actions. You don't need to have all the answers.

This instability is cyclical, and when you come out of it, you will be stronger and more robust, I'm sure.

Una McGuinness

Una has a huge passion for the industry, substantiated by over 20 years’ experience as a leader. Currently working with an array of clients across various sectors and projects, Una can offer you objectivity, smart thinking, with a constant eye on what and how companies are adapting to the world of recruitment plus inspiration to make the changes you require to take your business to the next level.

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