Data in Recruitment - what's all the fuss about

26 Aug 2019   |   by Una McGuinness

Why is it essential to use data to assist in decision making in Recruitment?  Surely you as the business owner/leader, you have a good handle on what's happening?

Err, you may well have, and they say an opinion is worth 1000 IQ points, however, using data to assist analytical thinking and the proceeding action, helps us get it more right than wrong.



So why do we need to use data in recruitment
  1. It helps us to manage teams and individuals, to identify possible underperformance issues, or training needs and rectify swiftly.
  2. It adds an element of objectivity in a world where there often isn't a right or a wrong; we are dealing with human behaviours.
  3. It's essential in understanding your business and writing business plans with actionable strategic goals. Gives you confidence in your decisions - when the data is telling the same story as your gut.
  4. It allows you to add the critical 'measurement' to your goals and evaluate your success or opportunities to improve.
  5. It allows your evaluation and/or validation of a new business area or desks.
  6. In the age your brand is what your customer says about you, to improve customer satisfaction levels, you must measure their experience of you.
  7. We can see how we are performing against expectations, other teams, offices or the broader recruitment market.
  8. Helps is to understand what clients are most valuable, provides an opportunity for feedback and engagement with your clients - who will not be measuring the same things like your business.
  9. Allows us to spot opportunities and gives a blueprint for success.
  10. Most importantly- will enable you to predict future revenues with confidence, you are not relying on an individuals conjecture, which may be over positive or massively cautious dependant on the individual.


These are just a handful of reasons as to why data, reviewing and taking appropriate action is essential for any Recruitment leader to drive the result they aspire to.

Read my next blog on what you should be measuring and mistakes people make with data in their recruitment business.



Una McGuinness

Una has a huge passion for the industry, substantiated by over 20 years’ experience as a leader. Currently working with an array of clients across various sectors and projects, Una can offer you objectivity, smart thinking, with a constant eye on what and how companies are adapting to the world of recruitment plus inspiration to make the changes you require to take your business to the next level.

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